Class Format

Mission Statement

At Carlson Gracie Team AZ, we like to pride ourselves in being a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ("BJJ") academy for all who want to respectfully learn the art.  In addition to our adult program, we also focus on children and adolescents.  Our family atmosphere encourages parents to participate in either adult classes or our combined child/parent classes that may be offered.  It is our aspiration to share our passion for BJJ with our community, and provide a place where families can engage, train and learn in a positive atmosphere while creating life long bonds with other academy members.  Physical fitness and healthy habits are emphasized. Carlson Gracie Team AZ is a great place to get in shape, learn self-defense and develop strong BJJ foundations which can be broadened as the student gains more experience.
Adult Classes:  
We work with our adults not against them!  We encourage all adults and senior adults to train!  Many of us are parents and in addition to that, hold full time jobs.  Some of us stay home with the kids which can be considered tougher than a full time job!  Whatever the scenario, we promote a family atmosphere where you can forget your day’s worries and get in shape by training/learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Our instructors realize we all learn differently and all students are not cut from the same mold.  We will observe students and adjust them accordingly to their skill levels and physical capabilities. In the long run, students will progress and become proficient at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while losing fat, getting in shape and improving their overall well-being. Ask about our healthy eating plans.
High School Teens/Adolescents:
We are committed to giving our community’s adolescents a positive environment to train in. 
Adolescents train in evening and in the morning (when school is not in session) adult classes per the instructor’s recommendation. 

Kids Class:
Our kids class focuses on developing strong BJJ foundations and self-defense techniques. Our curriculum also focuses on physical conditioning, team building and self-respect.  We emphasize the importance of discipline, work ethic and the respect for others.  Kids are taught to become strong self-confident leaders on the mat and off the mat as well.

Lil Kids:
Lil kids are an exciting group because they usually bring a ton of energy to the mat! Discipline, respect and courtesy are stressed in our lil kids’ classes. The kidos will learn very basic BJJ and self-defense moves as well as develop strength, coordination and listening skills. These skill sets will prepare the little ones for the next level.  We will try our best to send them home tired and ready for bed! ☺

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